About Us

The Gately Foundation

Dawn & Jim Gately (standing) with
Nancy & Joe Benvenuti

The intent of The Gately Foundation is to give back to the Northern California community, particularly the Sacramento Region, by supporting the:

1. Advancement of medical science, education and charitable activities.

2. Enrichment of the lives of children.

3. Prevention of cruelty to animals.

It is the hope of James and Dawn Gately that the Gately family be involved and participate in the Foundation and that it becomes a legacy for generations of Gatelys that follow. It is the intention of the donors that causes are supported that will grow and make a substantial impact not only in the Sacramento region, but Northern California and elsewhere. It is our intention that the Foundation continue to grow and promote the Foundation’s Mission.

All letters of intent must be submitted to info@gatelyfoundation.org.